The Evoke Story


Hello and thank you for visiting this page!

I'm Suhita - the heart and the hands behinds Evoke.

I'm not a trained jeweler... in what now seems, another life, I was an interior designer. Maybe the years of playing with colors, textures and proportions have helped me to create the bold and colorful jewelry that I make now. The first time I made a necklace, it was for myself and I knew nothing about jewelry making... all I had to guide me, was an instruction leaflet from the local craft store and some YouTube videos. But I found the process of stringing beads together to create something wearable so satisfying that I couldn't stop making more. Armed with lots of encouragement from friends and family and a whole lot of butterflies in my stomach I launched Evoke in 2013, from my tiny home studio in Kirkland WA selling one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry only from Facebook to a very small group of friends... and the rest, as they say, is history! In the ensuing years Evoke has grown into a network of happy clients across 20 countries in North America, Europe and Asia.

From the very beginning the focus of Evoke has been creating unique yet affordable and timeless jewelry for the discerning women who appreciate the elegance of handcrafted items, using high quality materials like semi-precious stones, silver, brass and copper as well as sourcing handcrafted and sometimes vintage ornaments from all over the globe and creating beautiful fusion designs that are truly distinctive and each, a conversation piece. 

I draw inspiration for my jewelry from all kinds of places and sources...sometimes they could come from my travels or a place I want to visit and has been researching about, sometimes they come from the abundant natural beauty of the beautiful Pacific Northwest where I live. A large part of the influence comes from my South Asian heritage. I also love fine jewelry through the ages...from ancient Egyptian and Etruscan jewelry to legends like Bvlgari and Cartier and newer designers like Irene Neuwirth

Every Evoke ornament is still 100% handmade in my Kirkland studio and I still have millions of butterflies in my stomach every time I upload a new collection. Even after so many years I still find it surreal that people buy and wear my gratitude to all the patrons of Evoke, past, present and future is profound and unending!

When I'm not making jewelry or running the business, I like to read (sometimes multiple books simultaneously), travel and dream of traveling, watch baking shows (The Great British Bake Off, anyone?), paint (not as often as I'd like to), grow vegetables and herbs, spend time with my crazy family and play with our black cat Shouko (who has a whole section dedicated to her on Evoke's Instagram page)


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