The best way to describe anything I have ever bought from Suhita is that it is unique. Every piece has something a little unexpected, a little edgy, something that lifts it out of the ordinary and adds a little oomph to your outfit. They catch everyone’s eye whether at work or at a weekend party and can be styled with Indian and Western outfits. I have had some of her pieces for a long time and worn them many times and yet even so, they look new and fashion forward with a new outfit - one can never get bored! Isn’t that just lovely in a world which is too often of a cookie cutter sameness??? So keep at it Suhita, I am always waiting for your next collection...

Barnali D. Gaithersburg MD

Beautiful handmade jewelry!  Suhita’s love for travel and fashion can be seen in her work.  Gorgeous precious stones and metals, magnificent craftsmanship and design.  Every piece an exquisite work of art!  Thank you Suhita, your jewelry makes me feel beautiful and chic!

Gilda P. Cincinnati OH



My first ever online purchase and Suhita made it so easy that I started buying online without any reservations. I love the brand for the simple beaded malas which she so aesthetically strings together. Also her curated pieces are beautifully selected. I was never a fan of statement pieces but her brand made me start wearing them. Evoke in every way stands by its name. 💕💕

Prabha J, Singapore




Suhita's pieces are unique, artistic, and made with immense love and passion! That is why, her collections are different from each other and stand out in a crowd! When you buy Evoke, you are basically adding to your treasure chest of one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Ratula C, Bellevue WA



I had always had a fascination for handcrafted jewelry so when Suhita told me that she was planning to make her own jewelry, I could not wait to see her first collection. And I am proud to say that I was her first customer who had the fortune to grab some of her best designs when they came out! - Sorry ladies 🙂
Her artistic creativity, attention to details and refusing to accept any standard short of perfection makes her jewelry unique, a rare gem that never grows old. Her designs are striking and expressive, each one a statement piece that you would want to own and treasure.
And thank you Suhita for introducing me to the "bold and the beautiful", something I never ever thought I could carry off! 🙂

Atrayee B, Woodinville WA

If you are looking for a unique handcrafted jewelry, made with unique stones, Evoke is your store. Be it statement pieces to adorn your neck to go with your Indian attire or be it everyday wear, that will state your presence on that zoom meeting of yours. I have been a fan of Evoke since it’s inception, and have enjoyed every piece. Add a little sparkle to your life - gift yourself or your friends a piece of Evoke.

Udita B, Palo Alto CA



I believe that everything in this universe is connected. So when I wear a handcrafted jewellery, I am not only wearing the jewelry, I am wearing someone's story, mood, hard-work and love on me. I might connect to the piece of jewelry through its colors or design but once I own it, I add that tiny bit of my story to the designers'. By this little addition, we create a little universe of our own in love and with trust.

Why and how I ended up on Evoke by Suhita, I don't remember but I am glad I did. Her honesty and dedication towards her craft is endearing. Her designs are fierce, colorful, vibrant and unique. Each of her design tells a story, the details lay out her journey and the care card / hand written note that she attaches with them is a reflection of her soul that she puts in each of her piece.
More than anything, when I buy and wear Evoke by Suhita, I connect to her universe of immense talent and creativity while giving her the space on my self to attach my story to hers. I guess, it'll be fair to say that a piece of jewelry on me, defines me and more often than not, it defines the individual that made it.
I would like to see the whole world wrapped in each other's story at some point and I wish Suhita all the very best for adding to this web of connectivity with her beautiful and unique designs.

Taposhri G,  United Kingdom