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Personal Legend Bracelets

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Made with genuine, un-dyed Pink Tourmaline, Malachite and Peridot beads this stack of stretch bracelets are meant to bring about positive emotions and  help in achieving long term goals or your Personal Legend!

Pink Tourmaline is an extraordinary crystal for cleansing the emotional body of destructive feelings and old wounds accumulated over time. It releases guilt, worry, depression and anxieties, and guides those emotions into self-love.


Malachite, an extremely powerful metaphysical stone, is often called the “stone of transformation” and is used for deep energy cleaning, bringing healing and positive transformation to the wearer. 

Peridot is a “Study Stone,” aiding us in the long quest for a higher state of understanding or awareness. It is excellent for achieving goals that need deep constancy and long-term purpose - not wild,
exuberant growth, but the slow, steady development and deep caring of a life's calling.

 Dimension: Small - 7 inches; Medium - 7.5 inches

The photograph is of size Small. The decorative metal beads used here may be different in subsequent orders depending on availability. Similar style beads will be used to maintain the integrity of the design.

Please measure the widest part of your wrist to ensure correct sizing. XS, L and XL sizes can be made upon special order.

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