Spiritual Journey Bracelets

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Made with genuine, un-dyed Peridot, Amethyst and Citrine beads this stack of stretch bracelets are meant to bring about a higher state of understanding and spirituality

 Peridot is a “Study Stone,” aiding in the long quest for a higher state of understanding or awareness. It is excellent for achieving goals that need deep constancy and long-term purpose - not wild, exuberant growth, but the slow, steady development and deep caring of a life's calling.

Amethyst is known as one of the master crystals when it comes to spirituality .It has healing powers to help with physical ailments, emotional issues, curing chronic headache, nightmares and insomnia, and balancing the Crown Chakra.

Citrine harnesses the light, the power of the sun, to help you manifest your goals and remain cheerful. It attracts an abundance and personal power and stimulates the body's own healing energies. It is good for helping to elevate self-esteem and is good for centering. Because the citrine cannot hold negative vibes, it instead dissipates and transmutes good feelings.

Dimension: Small - 7 inches

Please measure the widest part of your wrist to ensure correct sizing.

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