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Pain Relief Bracelets

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Made with genuine, undyed Lapis Lazuli, garnet and Black Tourmaline beads, this stretchable stack of bracelets are meant to aid in relief from arthritis, rheumatism related aches and pains.

Lapis Lazuli,  a relieving crystal that soothes inflamed joints and muscles from within. It is a purifying crystal that is not only beautiful, but also has exceptional healing powers affects positively our nervous system, speech, hearing, pituitary, reduces pain and also inflammation. It lowers blood pressure and aids the respiratory system. It is believed that lapis lazuli has a direct link with our head, therefore it is used to relieve headaches, especially migraines and epilepsy.

Garnet stimulates the metabolism, treats spinal and cellular disorders, purifies and re-energizes blood, heart and lungs.It also assists assimilation of vitamins and minerals and is excellent for arthritis, rheumatism, fortifies the kidneys and beneficial for the mucus membranes and skin.

Black Tourmaline is a remedy for debilitating diseases. It strengthens the immune system, treats dyslexia, joint pain and arthritis, provides pain relief and helps align the spinal column

Dimension: Small - 7 inches; Medium - 7.5 inches

The photograph is of size Small. The decorative metal beads used here may be different in subsequent orders depending on availability. Similar style beads will be used to maintain the integrity of the design.

Please measure the widest part of your wrist to ensure correct sizing. XS, L and XL sizes can be made upon special order.

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