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Migraine Support Bracelets

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There are several crystals associated with relieving Migraine. To some extent, as with other therapies, different experts will make different recommendations. This stack of bracelets are made with that are most commonly recommended and are trusted by the most established people in the field.

Healing with crystals is gentle and noninvasive. It’s not going to cure Migraine and it's not going to be the magic preventive or even stop a Migraine in progress. Crystal therapy or crystal healing is often called an alternative therapy or complementary therapy. However you use crystal healing in your life, remember that the results come from the energy and belief you put in it.

Dark purple Amethyst relieves headache pain, especially from migraine headaches. Vibrations from the dark purple crystals strengthens the central nervous system and circulatory system, calm your nerves, relieves fatigue and exhaustion by reducing stress and tension.

Rose quartz is effective in relieving anxiety and fatigue. It's soothing vibrations strengthens the central nervous system  and helps relieve pain and headache

Lapis lazuli quickly reduces headache pain. The blue gemstones are especially useful for stress headaches and migraines. Their calming vibrations reduce stress and high blood pressure and can control vomiting and vertigo

Dimension: Small - 7 inches; Medium - 7.5 inches

The photograph is of size Small. The decorative metal beads used here may be different in subsequent orders depending on availability. Similar style beads will be used to maintain the integrity of the design.

Please measure the widest part of your wrist to ensure correct sizing. XS, L and XL sizes can be made upon special order.

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